Bra Fitting

We DON’T poke, or prod or tape measure.

We DO make you look and feel like a million bucks!

“Take this thing away from me and throw it away!!”

We hear that A LOT when a lovely comes in and feels the difference a properly fitted bra makes to her look and more importantly the way she feels.

But, we have an idea of what you’re thinking. ‘A bra fitting is just a bunch of poking, prodding and tape measures.’ You’ve been to malls. You’ve visited the pink chain stores. You’ve watched the gorgeous staff member walk to the back of the fluorescent-lit store with a tape measure in hand and close the door with a customer who looks less than enthused. In fact, you may have even been that customer. And no matter who you are that just ain’t fun at all!!

But, guess what? At Lavender & Lace:

  • We DON’T pinch
  • We DON’T poke
  • We DON’T use  tape measures
  • We DON’T see you nude
  • We DO have years of experience.
  • We DO have incredible training by some of the best bra fitters in Canada.
  • We DO look at your overall breast and body shape.
  • We DO have an extensive stock of versatile, gorgeous bras
  • We DO offer sizes from 30A all the way up to 48N
  • We DO make you feel like a million bucks.

Why and how?

Just like ALL women’s clothing, all bras are not standard sizing and every brand fits sizes and shapes differently. Measurements aren’t nearly as important as seeing your breast shape and size. Our extensive bra fit training enables us to gauge this just looking at how your clothes fit and how your current bra fits. That’s why we only do in-person bra fittings.

We’re also REALLY good at what we do and we know our stock and how it fits in and out. No stress—just support! And, we’re sure some smiles too.